Z-Ro begins his goodbye to the game with “Belongs To The Streets” off No Love Boulevard.

Z-Ro is retiring.

It’s a sentence I won’t get over regardless of the quality of content or as often as he may proclaim it. Z-Ro, the guy who keeps a stash of verses around and only needs hooks to complete songs wants to kiss it all goodbye. Why? Just when he was rearing into form as one of Houston, if not Texas’ more revered elder statesmen. Z-Ro has released 21 albums solo wise, including two last year. Both of them, from Drankin’ and Drivin’ to Legendary feature the same flair found on other Ro projects. There’s a piece missing though, Z-Ro isn’t sullen or hungry or even as angry as he once was. Instead, Rotha Vandross is about as mellowed out and more melodic than ever.

No Love Boulevard is what has been purported as the final solo go-round for Ro. From the sounds of “Belong To The Streets,” he seems firmly content with it. In the video for the track, our protagonist understands that the hustle will forever need him just as bad as his lady does. But once he clocks out of the street life? He’s right there with his lady, even mannish enough to make love to her right there in the kitchen. Yeah, we’re no longer in Asshole By Nature territory with Z-Ro the Crooked. We’re in full-blown adulthood now.

Watch the “Belong To The Streets” video up top and see the tracklist for No Love Boulevard below.

01. Lost My Mind
02. From the Other Side
03. Solid
04. Belong to the Streets
05. They Don’t Understand
06. You’s a Bitch
07. Brang a Stacc
08. Devil in Me
09. Play Me
10. Kiwi
11. Lit Up
12. We Are
13. Bye Bye
14. He’s Not Done