This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

One thing that I currently like about fashion is that it is becoming a part of the mainstream. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Supreme are doing collaborations with each other, when 10 years ago, Supreme was being sued by the high fashion powerhouse. Undefeated is getting regular placement in films like DOPE and other television series.

The thing that I like most though is that streetwear is still able, for the most part, to maintain its core roots: the t-shirt, the hoodie, the sweatpants. Things that regular people can wear in the streets.

Here are four brands where you can get the most essential essentials.

UNIQLO: Ever since I went to New York for the first time, in the Summer of 2013, I have been simply fascinated by this brand. Well made clothing, affordable prices, with cool art on some of the pieces (from Futura, PEANUTS, & Pharrell Williams’ iamOTHER) are all points that initially drew me to UNIQLO. However, what I like most about this brand is their cut for chino pants & joggers. Their bottoms are made for the active wearer. They move with your body and, for me, those are the best kinds of pants.

REIGNING CHAMP: Reigning Champ has been making the staples of men’s streetwear since 2007. Based in Canada, they were made by the same company that makes wings + horns and Supreme. What I like best about Reigning Champ is that they make very comfortable hoodies and other training gear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get cold enough in Houston, Texas to wear here; however, I would never be opposed to having a few of their pieces in my closet, just to say I have it. I implore you to do the same.

JUNGMAVEN: For those that have an idea that American Apparel makes the softest t-shirts EVER, I have an alternative choice to present. Jungmaven, also a “Made in the USA” brand like AA, is is made from 60% hemp – 40% cotton. The beauty of that is hemp is much softer than cotton with every wash, stronger than cotton, and, most importantly, it does not require as much water to clean, as opposed to cotton. Therefore, if you are one who is environmentally friendly, then you should give Jungmaven a try. Just sayin’.

AMERICAN APPAREL (R.I.P.): Forever, in our hearts, sweet solace to American Apparel. For those that haven’t been keeping up, AA no longer exists as a brick and mortar shop (they should be coming back in the next few months online). Nevertheless, American Apparel make some of the best “Made In The USA” accessories (backpacks, jeans, knit sweaters, and bathing suits for men and women). A tip: for people who are looking to become t-shirt brand designers: American Apparel was bought out by GILDAN, so you may want to get at them for those ultra-soft 50/50 blend tees.


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