Le$ and DJ Mr. Rogers take to LA for “Top Down” off Midnight Club.

It’s rather appropriate that the initial tease of Midnight Club from Le$ and DJ Mr. Rogers get the first official video. “Top Down,” as a single came out last October as a prelude to Olde English. Here, some eight months after its initial release do we see it in a wider scope.

Riding parallel to the easy waves and breeze of Los Angeles, Le$ and DJ Mr. Rogers pull out a cherry red BMW and hit the town. People are flying by, living their best life but Le$ is too concerned stacking accolades on top of one another and eying down women who resemble Aaliyah. Mr. Rogers of course operates as a silent partner here, whipping around the steering column while a chopped up sample of Kool and The Gang’s “Summer Madness” and old Screwed Up Click records play overhead. It’s comfort, a state of ease befitting two longtime friends and collaborators.

Jorgey Films, who for all intents and purposes is the aesthetic leg of the L-E-Dollar tripod makes certain to sit the camera up close and personal on its star. The BMW gets its highlights from emblem down to pant and gold spokes, Rogers isn’t animated but far more relaxed in all-black. Meanwhile, there’s Le$, tattooed and looking every bit like a star. Watch the “Top Down” video from Midnight Club up top.