t.y.e 32 cover

T.Y.E’s deep dive into the recesses of his mind in 32 is available a few days early.

Friday night in Dallas will be a moment of achievement. In Atlanta, the signifier that you’ve made it is a billboard of your face overlooking the entire city. In Dallas and surrounding areas such as Houston in particular, it’s a large concert, replete with artists spanning any particular generation of a certain genre. When Dallas culture map Central Track leaked out that Big Tuck & G.U.N would be joining T.Y.E for his 32 album release, it was written in stone.

You should know the story, Dallas kid who was a basketball star and owner of an opera scholarship who descended into a life-long battle with mental illness. Fans got a whiff of what T.Y.E was spreading on TR-32: Empty The Clip. On 32, his proper debut album — all of the big singles such as “Unusual” and “La La Land” are here. The current lead for best Dallas rap track of 2017 in “Eternity” is here as well. All in all, 32 is a yo-yo of emotions, an examination of the statue of one’s limitations, all in the chase for mental and spiritual freedom.

“32 is one big anxiety attack,” told The FADER who premiered the album. “It’s about my pursuit of love and happiness while dealing with mental health and environmental distractions that leave me vulnerable to depression. Ironically, the only thing keeping me from giving in to suicide is the thing that drives me towards suicide in the first place: the pursuit of love and happiness.”

Stream 32 from T.Y.E a few days early. His album release show is June 9 at Dallas’ Club Dada with Devy Stones, Curtis Mayz, G.U.N and Big Tuck.