With a colorful new visual, Austin’s Mélat gives her Habesha heritage purpose on “Negn.”

“Hidden in the names bestowed upon me by my grandmothers was a message that gives me the confidence to seek out and realize my path: I am here to lead others into a new world with love.”

No matter how far she goes, or how many places her voice may take her, Mélat understands that she’s nothing without family. The Austin-based songbird has spent the past few years literally finding – or refining – herself, using music a way to fuel and soundtrack her self-exploration. Her second album, MéVen,’ touched down last fall and further fleshed out Mélat’s many layers, from the seductive to the vulnerable. But the common theme throughout the LP, was her heritage. One of ‘MéVen’s’ tracks even had the singer collaborating with her own family members.

For her latest visual, Mélat highlights “Negn,” one of the many tracks on the album where she utilizes the Ethiopian language of Amharic. Why give “Negn” a video? Because Mélat said family tradition inspired its creation.

“Most of my family and friends have always called me by my given name, Mélat, neither one of my grandmothers thought that was what I should be called and gave me a ‘house name’ instead,” the singer shared in a blurb attached to the visuals. Deemed instead “Addis Alem” (which translates to “New World”) by one grandmother and “Mewded” (“love”) by the other, Melat carried these names with her and they came into full purpose once she got older.

“Negn” itself translates to “I am.” It’s also sung entirely in Amharic, so the singer opted to translate the lyrics on Genius. But the song is so beautiful in its native tongue that the English might pale in comparison. As for the visual itself, director Deer Daniel depicts Mélat’s lovely face against colorful backdrops and shows her walking throughout Austin, with a purpose in her step and her voice. There are shots of both of Melat’s grandmothers in the video, as well. If Black girls are magic on their own, then what is a Black woman with a purpose? Likely unstoppable. Having found hers, Mélat may be becoming exactly that.

Watch the video for Mélat’s “Negn” track up top. Mélat’s recent ‘MéVen’ LP is out now on iTunes. For those in the Austin area, the singer will be performing live at the ATX Solstice Fest next Thursday; and tickets for that, can be copped here.