the boy illinois dancing like diddy

The Boy Illinois is in a celebratory mood. Hear his latest single “Dancing Like Diddy” now.

Here’s an untold story from a recent trip to Los Angeles. When I ventured up the Motown / Priority offices at Capitol Records shadowing G Perico, I ran into The Boy Illinois. When we saw one another, it looked exactly how two long-lost cousins interact with one another. We laughed for a moment before he dropped the news: he’d just signed a distribution deal to Priority.

Sure enough, scribbled in marker on a blackboard was “Dancing Like Diddy” from The Boy Illinois. Anytime you want to groove and dance like Puff in the ’90s is a good time to do so. Armed with a single and an added machine on his back, The Boy Illi sounded as happy and joyful as he did when we first met nearly six years ago.

“Dancing Like Diddy” has all the makings of a viral smash, down to the dance challenge (#DancingLikeDiddyChallenge) but it doesn’t separate Illi from who he is. He’s still the same man from Chicago who will put on for his people at any given moment. What the Issac James produced “Dancing Like Diddy” represents to him is shaking all of the fears and depression off. “I did it all while running with wolves,” he boasts. “Tell my mama that I did it, and they all with it.”

Hear “Dancing Like Diddy” from The Boy Illinois below and participate in the challenge for yourself.