jett i masstyr early service

Gospel samples meet relaxed, hip-hop production on Jett I Masstyr’s latest tape, Early Service.

Jett I Masstyr has rediscovered the service and works of the Lord. Books, teachings from John Gray and the sort. Passages, trips to service, a full mental cleanse. For a producer who has operated in tight spaces, usually enclosing his sounds around exploding snares and thick bass lines, hearing the melodies from the gospel offer up something new. The blues is rooted in gospel. Praise, cherishing spiritual possessions? All from the church. Where the piano and organ reign supreme in breaking down emotion whether high or down low. There’s a joy within the church, a vortex of electronic keyboards, heavy voices and repetition. A sample head’s paradise, if you will.

Early Service is Jett I Masstyr’s tribute to his childhood. Of going to church with his mother and watching her play the piano. Or glancing at his father in the choir at Brentwood Baptist who sang bass. Over the course of 7-tracks, Jett I pieces two sonically similar worlds together. The thump and curl of his usual production collides with the gospel records he plucked and found inspiration in. “Vindication” has chunks of a sample cut out and pieced back in as the Mo. City producer layers it with an easy to follow head rock of drum programming. The progressions speed up a bit for “Angels Know” but slump into sounds worthy of the benediction on “Open Doors”.

Jett I Masstyr loves variance, even in the little things. Much like his Earth, Wind and Fire tribute EP or last December’s There Are No Words, working within choked off spaces in one area let him flange out everywhere else. Stream Early Service below and purchase it on iTunes.

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