Take a literal trip through Houston’s “Sunnyside Zoo” in Nique’s latest visual.

Almost a month has passed since Nique released his HSATB tape, and the mixtape’s replay value is still up there. That’s likely due to the Houston rapper’s focus on the project: though it was released for no real reason in particular, Nique’s storytelling is sharp and he has a song for nearly every mood and season.

Although “Hold Something” was the obvious single from the tape, it’s “Sunnyside Zoo” that may be HSATB‘s most overlooked song. The whitexgold rapper seems to think the same, as he’s given “Sunnyside Zoo” an official set of visuals to match.

“Sunnyside Zoo” functions as a sinister symphony, one where Nique takes listeners through his neighborhood as part tour guide, part keeper of the animals himself. “Sunnyside Zoo’s” video adds to that “Mr. Rogers” element by having a lovely guest of Nique literally rock a Mr. Rogers tee as she’s posted up in Nique’s room with money. Nique mostly stays inside – save for a stop to re-up on drank – reporting live from the house as he smokes and pops pills.

The rapper has always had a penchant to get creative in his visuals, and “Sunnyside Zoo” is no exception. It goes black and white in some shots, purple shades in others. It shows Nique smoking in an x-ray effect, and even employs a rolling screen and pixelates the rapper’s face in places. Fitting then, that in the same way “Sunnyside Zoo” the song is an audio trip, the music video is one trippy visuals, as well.

Watch the video for Nique’s “Sunnyside Zoo” track for yourself up top. The rapper’s HSATB tape is out now.