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From the music to the rims and pride, slab culture is Houston as Evesborough’s ‘Black Atlas’ documentary explores.

The first time my eyes caught a slab was in childhood. Gleaming colors, a fifth wheel hanging from the back of a trunk, white wall tires with elongated rims. It looked more like a spaceship rather than a twist on old school car culture. But it was Houston, all Houston and over time, it became a global phenomenon many attempted to copy but never fully replicate.

Director OG Danny Ocean, captain of the Evesborough Creative Agency has partnered with OXOSI to premiere Black Atlas, an eight-minute documentary highlighting Houston’s illuminating car culture from origins to specifics. There are some notable cameos. Le$ makes an appearance halfway through alongside OG Red Bone, a SLAB aficionado who recalls the days of slabs traveling all over the city from park to park on a Sunday night, battling.

Packing thousands of dollars into a classic Cadillac, Oldsmobile or Buick isn’t anything new for those wanting to customize their slab to perfection. A slab is an extension of one’s personality, a colorful throwback to not only the blaxploitation films of the 1970s but the vibrancy and hue of Southern culture at large.

Grab a brief slice of Houston culture with the Black Atlas documentary below. For more photos and information, visit the OXOSI website.

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    […] Evesborough Films captured the importance of slab culture in Houston in their Black Atlas documentary. If hip-hop has the five elements, slab and by effect Houston entertains three major elements. The exterior of the slab from bumper grills, white wall tires and vogue rims; the interior with TVs in the head rests and music slowed down to a certain pitch to reflect a certain mood and the trunk, oh the trunk. […]


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