Curtis Mayz has a conversations between himself and his gun for the “5:38 AM” video.

A month ago, Curtis Mayz decided to do the unthinkable. He grabbed Destiny Child’s club hit “Jumpin Jumpin” and contorted it into a paranoid take on whether or not one should take jailhouse chances. “5:38 AM” became his most easily identifiable single. There’s no jump of joy here, no gleam of wanting to ride off in the sunset. Curtis, is pensive and fed up with overdue bills. He’s got to provide. And he’ll do whatever it takes.

“We all wanna survive,” he told Pigeons & Planes who premiered the video. “And I’d like to think of myself as a good person, right? But sometimes, a good person may have to do some bad things to survive. In your heart you know it’s fucked up. But at the same time, you gotta survive…”

“5:38 AM” is a good versus evil motif turn to life. The dark keys from the 1999 Destiny’s Child classic play off the dark hues of purple and blue through the video. The Ciara Boniface clip features Mayz as he’s surrounded by his family, his young son and wife before heading off in the bathroom. Counting bullets, racking his brain, he’s left to his own devices before the sounds of sirens jolt him into a moment of clarity.

“With the visual I wanted to portray the everyday struggle each of us have where we have to balance good with evil, we have to play mind games with ourselves sometimes to get certain results,” he says. “In the video, the director does a great job in executing this struggle. As far as the aesthetics and vibe, we went after lighting & a feel similar to the classic Belly the movie, where this similar abstract challenge is prevalent throughout.”

Watch the “5:38 AM” video up top. Mayz’ Triple Diziac is coming soon.