With Disney money coming in, Stoppa is looking for the next play on “What’s The Word”.

Stoppa is enjoying Los Angeles in ways plenty of people expected. If you’ve been following along with his career, making anthems centered around self-motivation and celebrating the excess has been his thing. Now he’s getting Disney chart money, firmly adopted the pineapple emoji as his own and kicking up at the pool. “What’s The Word” is the latest record from Stoppa, a mid-May single that is picking up steam with every waking day.

A breezy bass line complete with squeezed out snares and a warbly melody packs in Stoppa’s odes to a better life. “I live in LA now but Houston is my turf,” he heartedly sings on “What’s The Word” before leading into a world where he’s looking at a chick similar to Kanye West on “Slow Jamz”. Doesn’t matter if his lady of the night has to call up an Uber after they’re done, Stoppa wants to ride the wave. Life is good in his world.

Hear “What’s The Word” from Stoppa up top.