To love Dallas, you have to love all of it. Bobby Sessions touches all of it for his latest Grateful.

Between the beginning of Bobby Sessions’ Grateful. album and the end, there are moments. They aren’t delusions or pieced together moments where Bobby wants to rage against the machine. No, he stashed all those moments away on Laws Of Attraction. Rather, there’s a discussion of self as well as a discussion of the future. The tape’s closer title track focused on Bobby himself. The album’s opener, “Ways To Go?” That finds a focus on the world itself.

For the video, the third from Bobby’s sophomore effort, he and director German Torres venture throughout Dallas. Not just certain spaces like the Truckstop in Lower Greenville or Rudy’s. Sessions touches 20(!) different locales in the Triple D, all with their own unique histories, genetic makeups and more. “Ways To Go,” in this concept is less about Bobby’s career path but moreso about what Dallas is, what it represents for him.

“The journey is what matters to me,” Sessions said in a statement. The video itself is a gorgeous love letter to the city. Sessions’ lyrics border on inspiration without preaching. As someone who lives and breathes the good and bad of Dallas, “Ways To Go” is his way of giving back. Of acknowledging history while also tracing his feet in the sand.

Bobby Sessions is unafraid of the future. Long as Dallas is behind him. Watch the “Ways To Go” video up top.