James Harden playing one-on-one with himself highlights the latest Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight visual.

Let’s get it out of the way now. James Harden, regardless of how Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Semi-Finals went is still the best shooting guard in the NBA. He and Travis Scott have a bit of rapport, dating back to Scott showing up and performing for adidas’ Harden Vol. 1 reveal.

For the fourth video from Scott’s Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, Scott reaches back to Houston in his own tripped out kind of way. The “Way Back” video, complete with Harden references and more finds the Houston Rockets all-star watching highlights and clips of himself, both good and bad. They even managed to trot out footage of Lil B on ESPN during the Warriors 2015 run to the NBA title and the origins of the “Based God curse”. Harden eventually picks himself up and is launched into an awkward game of one-on-one … against himself.

The video flips once more as Harden is shown upside down, rapping Scott’s lyrics. If you’ve been wondering where La Flame has been this entire time, don’t worry. At the closing scene of the video, Scott hangs out in the back of a slab, feet kicked up with a small child behind the wheel.

“I did this for a project I did in Houston a while ago,” Travis wrote on Twitter. It probably could have been shot right around the adidas reveal. Nevertheless, this is James Harden starring in his first ever rap video — and it still remains H-Town as can be.