kirko bangz swang n bang video

Kirko Bangz is here for the summer with his LA meets H-Town “Swang N Bang” video.

Last week, Kirko Bangz revealed the tailor-made for summer record “Swang N Bang”. It was such a perfect mix of Troutman era Los Angeles and Houston linguistics that Kirko shot a full out cookout video for it. “Swang N Bang” gets a classic yet simple Mr. Boomtown production for it and Bangz mixes all of the mustard and red as if he were walking through a ’94 Rockets championship parade.

In fact, “Swang N Bang” pretty much is a parade, with Kirko playing Grand Marshall. Boomtown and company outfit the shot with a slew of low-riders, slabs, golden bikes and smiles gleaming. Bangz knew making a summer record outfit with enough appeal to move from coast to coast. There’s a little Yungstar, a little Lil Flip (shoutout to Worthing) but most of all, plenty of Kirko detailing who he is. There’s no cut off for Kirko being Kirko, just as much as there will be an endless rapport for ’90s Southside Houston rap. “Summertime in the H-Town, know I gots to clown / Got these boppers lookin’ at me cause I’m showin’ my surround.”

Watch the “Swang N Bang” video from Kirko and company below.