Ye Ali sets sights on getting lovers laid up this summer with a new island groove, “Talk Less.”

Where in the world has Ye Ali been?

The man responsible for a number of “don’t pull out” moments last year has seemingly spent 2017 quiet. It was Ye Ali’s ability to craft smooth, mood-setting R&B that made his Traphouse Jodeci debut LP one of the more anticipated projects of last year. To say nothing of the fact that Ye had joined forces with Houston’s own Kirko Bangz for an EP that, to date, hasn’t surfaced (although its lead single “Go First,” and follow up “Still Down,” had plenty of burn).

Ye Ali was simply moving in silence. The crooner even dropped a quick-strike EP, Passion & Patience, that featured fellow R&B singer Eric Bellinger on two of its three tracks. He appears to be just getting started.

What’s coming June 16th, exactly? The full version of Passion & Patience? A sequel to THJ? No one knows for sure. What IS known, is that Ye Ali’s latest single, “Talk Less,” marks new territory for the singer.

Low tempo slow jams are Ye Ali’s hallmark, his signature sound. “Talk Less” switches that up. Mind you, Ali’s voice is just as likely to seduce the ladies, crooning on the hook that, even though the lady in question isn’t saying much, “(her) body’s sayin’ ‘yes’ to me.” But here, producers Bizness Boi, KRS, and Jordon Manswell come together to produce an island groove, with two “breaks” in the song slowing things down just a tad and allowing an uncredited female vocalist to flourish. It’s an infectious cut, though it’s under-three-minute run length may cut it painfully short.

Stream Ye Ali’s “Talk Less” single for yourself down below. Ye Ali’s as-yet-untitled follow-up to last year’s TrapHouse Jodeci is allegedly set to land June 16th.