le$ midnight club cover

DJ Mr. Rogers & Le$ hop in the old school for a brand new album, Midnight Club

Last October, Le$ and DJ Mr. Rogers set up Olde English, Le$ proper debut album with “Top Down”. Channelling a little “Summer Madness” with old H-Town crew aesthetics, Le$ set out for the road with mid-beams and gold spokes. After last year’s Olde English showed plenty of variety in production style and Le$’ temperament, Midnight Club pushes and dances around high lights and Sunday night rides.

The first Le$’ tape of 2017 arrives with more Steak X Shrimp wordplay aimed for cool kids and those ready to sign up (“taught myself to a be a wolf when around these sheep”). Mr. Rogers fine tunes it the 10-track album with a cascade of rubbery drums and guitar licks. “45 South” pairs Childish Gambino’s interpolation of Booty Collins’ “I’d Rather Be With You” with OutKast’s “West Savannah”. There are little homages to DJ Quik’s populist West Coast bop on “The Mindst8” as well as The Mack-esque “Bimmers x Jimmers” where Rogers weaves through New York rap cuts and wheezed off guitars and synths.

As far as Le$ playing the main driver of the car club? His levels are all in sync. There’s no heavy lifting on his part, more a unison between he and Rogers. “Stay level headed when I do business with frauds,” he sagely states on “In The Whataburger Drive Thru”. “This type of player is rare / Hatin’? I’m too blessed to care.”

It doesn’t matter if Le$ stakes out on the Northside or somewhere in the South. His music, much like him — will travel. Long as Rogers wired up the sonics for a sunny drive through the city, everything else is meaningless. Enjoy your Memorial Day with a cruise tape from Le$, Rogers & special guest Domo Genesis. Stream Midnight Club below.