Swan dive into the feels with Mali Music’s “Loved By You,” a gorgeous love song featuring Jazmine Sullivan.

This summer, many people will be looking for fun. Many others will be looking for a vacation. But others still, will be looking for love – and if not love, then something pretty close to it.

Mali Music’s upcoming The Evolution of Mali LP, due out next month, has the latter audience in mind. Look no further than the latest single from the project, “Loved By You,” featuring Jazmine Sullivan. Mali released the track on Thursday night.

Propelled by light keys and sweeping strings to drive the emotion home, “Loved By You” is a four-minute symphony of love. Mali shares how thankful he is for that kind of once-in-a-lifetime chemistry, one where there’s no need for “talkin’ or textin’ to get the point across.” He even, cleverly, uses the alphabet to his advantage. Sullivan’s appearance is unfortunately brief, as she pops up just before the three minute mark. But her lovely voice is just as home over the smooth production.

“Loved By You” is the kind of song you’d hear playing during the lovers’ montage in a Black romantic comedy. But the most important question listeners will find themselves asking once the song has ended and they’re left to wade through the feels all alone: why the hell hadn’t Mali and Jazmine collaborated sooner?

Stream Mali Music’s “Loved By You,” featuring Jazmine Sullivan, for yourself down below. The Evolution of Mali, on which “Loved By You” appears, releases on June 9th. As a bonus, you can peep the official tracklist of The Evolution of Mali down below, as well.