g perico turnin corners

Part 3 in G Perico’s All Blue saga plays out for “Turnin Corners”.

Following the videos for “How You Feel” and “Right Now”, G Perico continues the saga of avoiding LAPD at all costs.

The video for “Turnin Corners” off of his stellar All Blue debut shows how it seems the whole hood is out to get Perico and everyone from women to homies are getting touched by LAPD. From his studio in Studio City down to the train tracks near Slauson, Perico keeps busy, staying one step ahead of the cops who want to lock him up. The opening scene is already a set moment for the rest of the picture as one of G’s lady friends, much like the dude from “How You Feel” dimes him out.

What should be a routine move of getting his stacks back at his pad turns into a SWAT team busting in, trying to apprehend him. The track alone sets the tone for how Perico sets himself apart from everybody else: “Still pack MACs in Cadillacs / Gun play n*gga f*ck all that battle rap,” he says.

Life in South Central always has its twists and turns. With more friends of Perico’s getting out this summer, it won’t be long before his name rings out all over the city, if not further.

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