slim thug welcome 2 houston

Slim Thug’s Welcome 2 Houston stand out gets the mother of all posse videos.

“Welcome 2 Houston” is a showcase song. There are five guests on the Slim Thug record, all of whom except for Slim are given a minute to state their case for best verse. GT Garza dusts off a story about rags to riches. Killa Kyleon speaks in warp speed tangents with tough Houston bonafides. Propain hopes he’s doing DJ Screw and the South proud. DeLorean knows Paul Wall has held it down, even if Chamillionaire’s gone off to be a venture capitalist. Doughbeezy is giving people a full lesson in what not to do in Houston because things get hectic.

Yes, Slim Thug’s Welcome 2 Houston was a promotional exercise to show off the city during Super Bowl Week. Yes, “Welcome 2 Houston” is the title track and it’s a full-blown flex move. Not by Slim necessarily but by everyone else made available for this. These guys freestyle against one another. It’s a show and prove moment where Killa can put together four-punch combos for the hell of it. Where Slim Thug is essentially the world’s tallest Magic Johnson in this respect. Where DeLorean can post up with an old school and be proud he has a top-3 tape of 2017 already.

It all works. Because Slim Thug doesn’t take losses whatsoever. He may speak the least on his own record, but his figure? Looms as large as the new Marriott in Downtown Houston. Watch the DJ Young Samm directed video below.