Jax Yohana will be performing at the Raven Tower stage at Madness on Main this weekend. Here’s what you need to know before the show.

A newcomer to the scene – and really to Houston, as a whole – rapper Jax Yohana is eager to share his talents with Texas. The producer/rapper (who sounds quite a bit like Jay-Z to me) is partnering with DJ IV for the “Jax IV Project” in which the two combine their musical talents and rap over a mixture of genres that is aesthetically striking. The pair will perform together for the first time at Madness on Main this weekend. Before hearing the Project Sunday, here’s a bit of what you need to know about Jax Yohana, in his own words.

HC: First off, where are you from and what was it like growing up?

Jax: I am from California and I mean CALIFORNIA. Growing up, I lived in eight different cities. My parents (mother and stepfather) were traveling ministers, I guess you could say. It was very interesting growing up – due to the moving I had to learn great social skills. I always found myself connecting with different types of people. By California being so vast, each region is its own feel. Also, being in church, I was always around music. I was in band playing saxophone or drums, from the fifth grade until junior year. I picked up keys around 18.

HC: How has all of that affected the music you make?

Jax: My childhood experiences allow me to approach music and beats in the same manner…looking back, it’s a major advantage. Each record is a person, an audience in itself. Your connection/conversation is different each time. The music speaks to you and you just speak back, ya know?

HC: So taking all of that into account, what would you call your musical style? What kind of music does Jax Yohana make?

Jax: I would say, grandiose and ambitious, simplistic minimal tones but not lacking soul. It’s a sound you that makes you move, feel, and think.

HC: Deep. Who are you, as a person? On a normal day, what would I catch you doing?

Jax: I like brights colors – they inspire thoughts for me, but I also wear black, a lot…OK maybe too much. When it comes to writing music, I approach it with an open mind – rarely will you see me writing things down. Ninety percent of the time, I prefer to capture that raw emotion on the mic the first time I hear the beat. The other ten percent I’ll write…it just depends on the music and vibe. My personality is very much upbeat. I come alive when others around me feel good. I like to see smiles. However, more times than not you’ll catch me starring off into space. I’m a dreamer at heart.

HC: Well, where do you see yourself musically when you dream?

Jax: I feel my place in music today is to offer lasting moments and spark ideas, inspire fun with truth. My truth.

HC: Who have been your influences?

Jax: My influences are John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, ’90s R&B, Jazz, Michael Jackson, Prince, to name a few. If I could have, I would have recorded with Prince, hands down. He was an amazing artist, producer, musician, songwriter, etc. What you could learn from him would be priceless.

HC: So we don’t end with both of us just being depressed about not getting to hang out with MJ and Prince, here’s a random question: If they had gone through with it, would you have had money on Chris Brown or Soulja Boy in that fight?

Jax: (laughs) You know I’m taking Breezy.

For more information about Jax Yohana and to preview his music before Sunday, check him out on Instagram and Twitter as @longlivejax. Check out www.JaxYohana.com for music and show dates.