kirko bangz swang n bang

Kirko Bangz cranks up the synthesizer for his latest West Coast drenched single, “Swang N Bang”.

Kirko Bangz understands LA car culture as much as Houston car culture. Slabs are God’s gift to the city of Houston, so much so that the slab king’s are considered God’s and men of fable. In Los Angeles, it’s low riders and rag tops. Houston’s rap culture owes plenty to Los Angeles, especially given Houston’s penchant to bend LA funk into its own syrupy, low-eyed, trunk ready creations.

“Swang N Bang” marries the Houston lexicon with a slippery, bombastic synthesizer heavy melody from Beanz N Kornbread. Paying tribute to both cultures, Kirko picks up the talk box made famous by Roger Troutman and Zapp and hits the road, bending corners and rapping with such a nasally freestyle twang that it could have been born in 1998. “I’ma slip, I’ma slider, boys don’ got liver / peanut butter seats on my ass I’m recliner,” Bangz raps on the cut.

There’s many a mention and reference to the height of the second generation of Houston hip-hop with mentions of “ball n’ parlay”, “braids and fades” and more. What are Kirko’s dreams? Bringing back the Kappa Beach Party. Plus, Kirko’s resume is pretty solid according to him; slapping people who get out of line and also grabbing fat asses when necessary. That is how Kirko gets down.

Listen to “Swang N Bang” from Kirko Bangz and Beanz N Kornbread below.