De’Wayne Jackson sees his inner demons in the personal “Watchin” video.

Moving from Houston to Los Angeles seems to have done De’Wayne Jackson some good. It brought him into a world of discomfort, struggle and attempting to land an identity beyond being a Houston boy. Two of the records from his upcoming EP Don’t Be Afraid have matched that. “Truth Is” was a moment in love, searching and yearning for the one woman who settled all the chaos in the world. “Watchin” is far more internal, as Jackson feels the only person that would save his scattered mind? Himself.

“Instead of having people watch us, through our phones or computers I wanted to give an experience of watching yourself,” Jackson told Pigeons & Planes about the video. “There’s a battle between good and evil. The red entity represents the devil in disguise, while the white represents everything positive and good trying to get through. For me personally there’s a constant struggle between both of these.”

Don’t Be Afraid showcases all of the anxieties Jackson’s had in his two year journey in Los Angeles. From working multiple jobs to stay afloat to keeping his head on straight, the EP finds a balance in hip-hop, R&B and even a bit of rock. Watch the “Watchin'” video down below.