In Houston emcee KenTheMAN’s “Deserve” video, karma takes the form of a Black woman.

“… I can’t believe this is what it came to/ For one night, I can’t believe you let some p*ssy change you…!”

HustleGrade may be on to something with Submission Sundays LIVE. The Houston creative collective has extended its weekly playlist into a concert series of sorts. Our own editor-in-chief Brandon Caldwell likened Submission Sundays LIVE to the former Kickback Sundays at SF2, as a “new avenue for artists.”

If “Nobody’s Realer” was the takeaway from the first Submission Sundays LIVE, then KenTheMAN is the takeaway from Submission Sundays LIVE’s second installment, which took place at Alley Kat Bar & Lounge yesterday evening. KenTheMAN is well-known in Houston’s independent scene; fellow local music site OnMute has sung her praises countless times (her freestyle over Beyonce’s “Hold Up” is still jaw-dropping). But it took a chance appearance as a guest alongside RetroKash, for me to take notice of the emcee at her finest.

RetroKash invited her onstage for a live rendition of their single “LowKey”; and Ken played half-background vocals, half-hype man to Kash’s energetic persona before the spotlight fell on her for her feature verse. She owned the moment, her blistering delivery and raw flow seizing the attention of all in the room. No, her name wasn’t on the bill, but be damned if hers wasn’t the name all in attendance would remember.

Experiencing KenTheMAN’s bars in person is astonishing, but you don’t have to see her live to get the intensity and the talent. Look no further than “Deserve,” KenTheMAN’s latest single which got a set of visuals to match earlier this month.

LTTB is on the boards for “Deserve,” providing an island groove of a beat that would make listeners move along and sway to if its subject matter were as upbeat as the instrumental. Through the lens of Spike The Designer, KenTheMAN is many things: she is hurt, as she and her homegirl confront her cheating boyfriend in the living room. She is disappointed, re-evaluating everything as she stares into her own reflection in the bathroom. She is liberated, showing off a post-f*ckboy glow in a swimsuit during a getaway. She is a savage, humoring the advances of her ex’s best friend and posting up in their bed threesome-ready. But most of all, KenTheMAN is honest. “Deserve” doesn’t thrive because it’s catchy or because its punchlines are clever (though both these things are true): “Deserve” thrives because it FEELS real.

Watch KenTheMAN’s “Deserve” music video for yourself up top. The single is currently available for purchase now on iTunes.