just brittany

A week after Just Brittany’s Queen House opened, surveillance footage captured a man attempting to set the store on fire. No one was inside and no one was injured.

Just Brittany celebrated the grand opening of her own boutique store Queen House (6101 Lyons) in Fifth Ward last week. Mayor Sylvester Turner was on hand as well as a host of luminaries. However, an unidentified man attempted to set fire to the store early Monday morning.

According to security footage, a man walked up to the building with a water bottle in his hand, pacing back and forth. Soon he pulls out a lighter and sets the bottle aflame, tossing it into the store. Luckily the flame was extinguished and no one was harmed.

“The place I love so much don’t love me back,” Brittany wrote on Instagram to her 422,000 followers. “Really you come tryna burn down my store that I just opened!!! It’s crazy how my own city don’t want to see me do good.”

No suspects have been named in the attempted arson.