buddy and kaytranada ocean and montana

On their low stakes EP, Buddy and Kaytranada flex in the breeze for Ocean & Montana.

Ocean & Montana is an intersection located in Santa Monica, California — a hub that feels like night and day compared to other areas of Los Angeles. For Buddy, Ocean & Montana represents two things. One, a ready-made escape from the sirens, loud noises and chaos of his native Compton. Two, it’s the perfect balance of typical LA glitz and relaxation.

For Buddy, the guy who Pharrell has put his stamp on as one of LA’s brightest up & comers, digging further into his backstory is perfect. He shined bright when discussing the fairer sex on BJ The Chicago Kid’s “Church”. He’s kicked around a few hard sixteens and small projects, each time the stakes feeling less like a must-win and more like a noble flex.

Willfully expressing his fears of death and isolation, Ocean & Montana gets fully fleshed out as a project. Produced in total by KAYTRANADA, the five track EP sounds breezy and relaxed off the rip. Buddy canvases the world of Compton and his own psyche on “Find Me”. In the video itself, Buddy’s bouncing all around a white car and finds a realization that soon as the car hits zero gravity, he has no choice in watching his valuables bounce all around.

“Ocean & Montana are the cross streets of the apartment complex I was living in once I moved out of my parents house,” Buddy said in a press release. “The energy in Santa Monica is not what I’m used to, growing up in Compton. Met Kaytranada soon after, told him his beats was tight, he told me my raps was tight, we made the EP. The rest is history.”

KAYTRANADA’s production has always gleaned closer to house inspirations but on Ocean & Montana, his vibrancy pairs well with Buddy’s aspirations. Stream the full EP below via Spotify.