Breakout voice of 2017 Sabrina Claudio drops off a smooth new single, “Unravel Me.”

Sabrina Claudio’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with. The singer made hers an R&B name to keep an eye out for with her Confidently Lost EP earlier this year, which showcased her voice’s range and ability to hypnotize listeners. But Sabrina’s not done with 2017 just yet – for New Music Friday, Claudio shared a new track, “Unravel Me.”

“Unravel Me” is a motivational speech embedded in a bluesy ballad. The four-minute, low tempo cut has Sabrina reflecting on how things around her feel weird and make her uneasy.“Something inside of the air, is makin’ me wanna run away from here,” the songbird croons. But even in an uncertain season, Claudio won’t be deterred. “I know you’re tryin,’ but you’ll never unravel me,” she sings on the hook. For many listeners going through trying times, Sabrina’s message may arrive right on time. For everyone else, it’s the latest reason to keep Sabrina Claudio on your radar.

Stream Sabrina Claudio’s “Unravel Me” single for yourself down below by way of Apple Music and grab it now off iTunes.