On her latest slow burner, H.E.R. promises to love you in “Every Kind of Way.”

Last summer, we could count on DVSN to get somebody pregnant. This summer? Put your money on H.E.R.

The mysterious singer’s highly-anticipated follow-up to her H.E.R., Vol. 1 EP is officially two weeks away. And though lead single “Say It Again” isn’t leaving any R&B head’s rotation any time soon, the songbird must have felt the time was right to tease fans some more. On Friday morning, H.E.R. shared “Every Kind of Way,” the latest leak from her upcoming Vol. 2 EP.

“Every Kind of Way” picks up where “Say It Again” left off, with H.E.R. playing the seductress once more. “For you, I’m gonna take my time, all night,” H.E.R. promises her lover, spending just shy of three minutes pledging her allegiance to satisfying her man. It’s a slow burn that’s the perfect mix of vulnerable and lusty. And “Every Kind of Way” MIGHT have you acting reckless if you’re feeling lonely.

Stream H.E.R.’s “Every Kind of Way” single for yourself down below. The singer’s H.E.R., Vol. 2 EP, on which “Every Kind of Way” appears, arrives June 2nd and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.