The alternate ending to Get Out Jordan Peele teased? It’ll leave you a bit sour.

Jordan Peele is having the best 2017 for a filmmaker that isn’t under the Disney umbrella. His independent thriller Get Out not only managed to crush the competition, it became a critical and box-office success. In fact, it is still in theaters, nearly five full months after its release. The “best reviewed movie of the year” had a bit of an Easter egg to it as Peele revealed that there was an alternate ending to the film.

Well, said scene hit the internet today and unlike the film’s original close in which Rod emphatically stamped his resume in the Homeboy Hall of Fame, it’s a bit darker. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Okay, you’re ready? Good.

In the final frames of the film, Chris is still on top of Rose as a police cruiser pulls up. Instead of Rod, TSA Master Agent, actual police officers step out of the vehicle to arrest Chris and jail him for murder. When the scene rises from cutting to black, we see Chris in jail as Rod visits him. Instead of you, the viewer wishing that Chris would explain everything to Rod in order to ensure his innocence and release from jail, Chris is actually content. Long as the family stopped its racist and sadistic treatment of black people, he’s perfectly fine being in jail for the rest of his life.

See? You didn’t like that ending, did you? Yeah, it’s the most logical, real life ending one may get but it is unsatisfying, especially with a film that needed a happy ending. Well, at least we’re a step closer to a Get Out musical with Chance The Rapper.