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African Time proves out the gate that the Nigerian American experience need be told.

When Damilare Sonoiki left black-ish in 2016, he had already secured a massive wealth of knowledge and understanding. He’d previously been a filmmaker before, helming the Alief documentary The West. Thanks to Kickstarter support and more, Sonoiki’s dream of a webseries that will eventually arrive on network TV has found its next step. African Time, formerly African Booty Scratcher made its debut on OkayAfrica early Tuesday morning.

Built around the original trailer, African Time‘s pilot episode centers around Ayo and the hardship of people mispronouncing his name. “He’s tired of dealing with the same issue at school everyday where your teacher or substitute teacher butchers your name,” Sonoiki says of the pilot. “Sometimes it’s like they’re not even trying. So he decides to change his name to Justin to make it easier to pronounce and just to fit in more.”

Naturally, Ayo’s Nigerian parents (Dulo Harris, Niki Guluchi) are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their son’s decision. Things get rectified in a pretty decent way but not without Ayo going full Riley Freeman “my President is Black and my Lambo is blue” about it. Watch the debut episode below and read Sonoiki’s interview with OkayAfrica in which he discusses the hardships of getting the show made on a little budget & more.

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