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As some of you all know, aside from me writing streetwear related articles, I am part of a hip-hop duo in my hometown called Dirty & Nasty, hence the moniker #BESTDRESSEDRAPPERINTEXAS. One of my favorite acts from Houston is a young cat by the name of Travis Scott. If you have been under a rock or on another planet, Travis Scott was signed to both Grand Hustle (as a rapper) and Very G.O.O.D. Beats (as a producer). Anyway, I’m writing this article because of two reasons:

1) Travis Scott got arrested last night due to “inciting a riot” (#FREETRAVISSCOTT). For a fan, like me, that sucks. He is currently touring, so any shows that he had booked have to be pushed back / delayed / cancelled / etc.

2) To highlight some more positive moments in his career, check out Travis’ previous collaborations with clothing brands below.


Travis Scott x Helmut Lang

Travis Scott x Maharishi

Travis Scott x BEEN TRILL Clothing

Travis Scott x Diamond Supply Company