beatking astroworld 2

BeatKing is leaning back on the love of Astroworld with its sequel.

BeatKing, Houston’s resident strip club polymath with a knack for wings and the occasional moment of sound logic is setting up for Astroworld 2. The sequel to his May 2013 mixtape will feature Gangsta Boo, Sauce Walka, Maxo Kream, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Killa Kyleon. For the second single following the travel the world power of “Ratchet & Savage”, BeatKing drops “Sponsor” with TM88.

“She got her own paper but she’s spending yours,” BeatKing sings on the chorus. “She just wanna sponsor.” In his usual fashion, BeatKing works from a third person perspective with “Sponsor”. He’s seen plenty of women care absolutely nothing for the men they’re with and instead bend whatever “norms” exist to get what they want. The TM88 produced track closes out with a rollercoaster traveling around while Club Godzilla delivers another PSA.

“I done met a lot of real ass strippers,” he remarks. “One even told me a dude was about to rob me.” BeatKing’s relationship with the strip club is about as honest an exchange as there can be. For very snap you may get of ass and titties, you miss out on the conversation and dialogue. He’s a damn humanist, the world may need watch out for a full documentary in which he visits clubs all over the country gaining insights from dancers.

Astroworld 2 drops May 24 with additional production from GT of Eardrummers, Mr Lee, Willafool & DJ Skywlker. Stream “Sponsor” below.

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