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T.Y.E honors the main hustler in his life for “Mary Kay, Pontiac”

T.Y.E has a particular way of giving back. Throughout his expanding catalog there are hazy snaps, moments of full-blown rage and sometimes tucked bravado. There’s questions of God and faith, sanity and reality and that dark space where nihilism is the only salvation. “Mary Kay, Pontiac” is lighter than all of those moments. It’s fun, it’s thankful and as T.Y.E smiles and dances, he has a direct inspiration to make it all feel real.

When your mom is the first hustler you know, you tend to honor and lionize her to the death. You’re her number one hype man. The same person you used to argue with as a teen for not understanding you? The same person willing to bail you out of any situation. “Mary Kay, Pontiac” does offer a few lines to grimace at, a bit of sunken truth amongst plenty of platitudes and moments of grace. Admitting to your mother that you want her to kill you is probably as close to “I brought you into this world, please take me out,” as you can get. But the relationship T.Y.E has with his mother is as fun and fruitful as any other. Ups, downs, they’ve been through it. All he wants to do is show her that he understood it all. She’s appreciated.

32 is coming soon. Watch the Dance Dailey shot video below.

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