saint ro mayne everything

Saint Ro Mayne gives thanks to the Lord, despite it all on “Everything”.

Dallas’ Saint Ro Mayne has the same problems many a young man has. If he wants to argue for success and blessings, he’ll get everything but be denied one thing that he may want the most. So instead, he looks upward and remains thankful regardless. “Could have been dead or in jail but Lord you gave me a purpose,” Saint Ro raps on “Everything”, the first single from his upcoming Saint And Sinner project.

Carried by a church organ with skinny piano notes and packing the kind of affirmation that many a young black man would, Saint Ro sends himself to confession. He’d rather own a Jesus piece than actually meet the Lord, that Jeezy was more influential at one point in time than the Son of God. Much like Kendrick Lamar, being Jay Z felt far more important and realistic than any other idol one may have had.

“Struggle since my inception, been through so much Hell I gotta make it to Heaven,” he closes the single with. Stream “Everything” from Saint Ro Mayne, as gospel and secular as it can be for a straight-up rap song below.

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