Five years in, the JMBLYA is making its footing as one of the South’s marquee hip-hop festivals.

JMBLYA brought a little bit of old and new for its fifth year of activities. Year three headliner Chance The Rapper was back along with first-timers Migos (!), Gucci Mane (!!), Lil Uzi Vert, 6LACK, Young Dolph, Snow Tha Product & more. YFN Lucci, however, only performed at the Dallas event due to unforeseen circumstances. But despite losing one artist from the line-up for Austin, we gained some special guests to make up for it.

Despite how insanely hot the weather was in Austin this day, somehow 25,000 people came out and partied their asses off. Being in the weed capital of Texas, you could expect to see tons of people smoking weed, meaning tons of people being ridiculously goofy. One guy brought a cut out of Quavo’s head and you could see it bouncing around in the crowd. Sounds about normal, but what was so funny about it was the photo they chose for Quavo’s face looked like if he could talk, he’d be saying, “Aye, man. Get me off this pole. Help. Anyone. Please get my damn head off this stick thing and outta this crowd.” Another festival go-er brought in arguably the BEST festival tool ever. They got super creative with this one … a literal pool skimmer. When you don’t have a fun totem to bring, just your bring your parents pool skimmer. Put some lights on it for when it gets dark and you’re golden. People watching was quite entertaining as well as you just see people walking around aimlessly with their eyes barely open.

As for the day’s performances, Pell started things off nicely with lots of yellow color and pillows. Yes, pillows that were basically just shaped like Pell’s head with his face on one side. Snow Tha Product, Young Dolph, and 6LACK performed after Pell and kept up the momentum. Lil Uzi Vert came on, ended up climbing the side of the stage and performing while hanging over his fans. He climbed down and then jumped into the crowd, started climbing on other barricades and taking a leap to crowdsurf, all while still performing! The kid really doesn’t get tired at all!

“He doesn’t get tired at all.” – Breanna Loose on Lil Uzi Vert’s live show.

Migos performed after Uzi, who we must say win the award for best dressed. Migos came out in some of the cleanest designer outfits, and plenty of diamonds and gold. After Migos, everyone got their EDM fix from Steve Aoki, as well as some cake! This man threw 10 full sheet cakes into the crowd making one sweet big mess. Fans in the front row were covered in icing from head to toe. Once Aoki had finished up, the trap god Gucci Mane took the stage. Along with him, he brought out special guest Bun B! He brought out Young Dolph as well to perform a song. All through his set he performed that classic Gucci, including “Freaky Girl”, “Lemonade”, “Photoshoot”, “Bricks”, “TrapHouse 3” and more.

After Gucci, everything got quiet and we heard the bird call of the man of the night, Chance the Rapper. Lighting up the stage with blues and colors of the sunrise, we celebrated Acid Rap’s 4th year anniversary as Chance gave us his own renditions of the tapes tracks, adding a live band and that jazzy feel. He also performed tracks from Kanye’s latest album, The Life of Pablo. The blessings came down this night on JMBLYA, as this was a returning headliner whose career as only multiplied since the last time he headlined, and the crowd was getting to see all of Chance in a new light. Check out photos from the day in the gallery below. See yall next year.

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