Life and issues still are jumpin’ in Curtis Mayz’ world.

Curtis Mayz doesn’t do pop rap. He navigates far closer to reality than a lot of us would care to imagine on our own. Working graveyard jobs to provide for his family, cutting hours at a studio thinking it will all pay off. The story sounds similar because Curtis Mayz is a blue collar ass rapper. Only difference between he, you or me? Curtis understands the seedy nature of the world and it has him dealing with a small bit of nervous energy and PTSD.

“5:38 AM” serves as the the lead single from Mayz’ Triple Diziac EP and somehow he manages to blend two polar opposites to tell a pretty solid narrative. The 1999 shimmy of Destiny Child’s “Jumpin’ Jumpin'” deals with the ski masked paranoia of YG’s “Really Be Smokin'” as Mayz keeps his pistol close, anticipating if someone would try to knock him off before he could even fire back.

“This record is basically when trying to do the right thing meets frustration, impatience and paranoia,” Mayz told Pigeons & Planes who premiered the record. “Walking that straight and narrow path can easily be rerouted when your bank account balance is negative, the rent is due, and your child is outgrowing clothes as fast as they able to fit ’em. Shit is real out here.”

Ominous piano keys haunt Mayz as he goes through the daily ritual of fighting his own paranoia. Bill collectors got Curtis questioning the world, wondering how many jail house chances can he make before its all over. “From the land of the Triple,” he declares. “Think he can take something from me, get him a suit, rest in peace.”