How do you “celebrate” announcing the follow-up to your breakout debut LP? Bryson Tiller did so by sharing three new songs.

As far as solid debuts go, Bryson Tiller’s T R A P S O U L LP should be listed amongst them. And even if you weren’t one of the many to buy into the Tiller hype, you couldn’t deny the success that came with not one, not two, but three big singles in “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Don’t,” and of course, “Exchange.”

After dropping off “Let Me Explain” to start the year, however, Pen Griffey took to Twitter to unveil that his sophomore album, slated to be entitled True 2 Self, was coming sooner than many thought – next month, to be exact. And that wasn’t all: Tiller also dropped off three new loosies to tide his fans over.

There’s no word as to whether or not any of the three songs will appear on True 2 Self. But of the three, only “Somethin Tells Me” appears to follow Bryson’s usual formula of murky R&B and moody music, as Tiller laments his relationship on the rocks. “Get Mine,” however, toes the line between paranoia and sh*t-talking, setting a tone from its open lines and Tiller knighting himself a “beast and a predator.” Couple that with a solid assist from Young Thug, and “Get Mine” stands the best chance of being Tiller’s next big single.

And finally, there’s the mood setter that is “Honey.” Kickdrums and a snare courtesy of producer NES fuel Tiller’s spitting game for three-and-a-halfminutes in an anthem to the “down” girl who’s different – or at least, the one who’s willing to “drive out to Atlanta” and sate his late-night cravings. If “Get Mine” is Tiller’s next “Don’t” single-wise, “Honey” has the potential to be another “Exchange”-type that female fans especially will fall in love with.

Stream all three of Bryson Tiller’s freebies for yourself down below. Tiller’s sophomore effort, True 2 Self, is due out June 23rd, though the most eager of Tiller listeners can pre-order the LP now on iTunes.