Dallas, TX meets The Shining for Bobby Sessions’ “Grateful” video.

Ever felt trapped in your own mind? That’s the vibe one immediately gets from Bobby Sessions’ “Grateful” video. He and director German Torres are the only two people in a graffiti soaked building where Bobby not only delivers a performance track but appears to have lost his damn skull. Hair frazzled, eyes buck and on the edge, Sessions’ looks as if all of the writings on the wall and close to the ceiling are of his own design.

“My heart, filled with the sadness, my mind, filled with the madness,” he raps on “Grateful” as he continues to climb the stairs on the way out. The more windows he finds on the way out, the closer he gets to sanity. Or closer to another slate of questions and wonder. “Hard to see the good when the lights out…”

Watch the video for “Grateful” up top. Read our feature on Bobby and his latest album here.