In the most non-sacrilegious way ever, Jack Freeman took us to church in a “forced” show at Alley Kat Wednesday night.

“Dat boy good!” is my initial, unbiased opinion about Jack Freeman’s show at Alley Kat last night. Apparently, Freeman was supposed to perform at a whole other venue that had a whole other theme yesterday but, for whatever reason, the show was canceled. Determined to perform, Freeman and his band connected with the owners of Alley Kat Bar and Lounge and performed a free show for fans and curious spectators like myself.

I admittedly had never seen a live Jack Freeman show. I found him on Twitter a while back and checked out some of his music, then decided to go check him out at the last minute last night because free. Looks like I have been out of the loop – the first time Jack opened his mouth to sing, a woman screamed emphatically, “Jack, that’s my SONG!” Such was the theme of the rest of the night. Everyone knew all the lyrics, hummed along, danced along, and made the best of what could have been a bad situation.

One of the more interesting facets of the show was Freeman’s hilarious storytelling. Having followed him on social media for quite some time, I was aware of how funny he was, but it was nothing in comparison to hearing him tell the stories in person, and watching him crack up laughing at his own jokes. The most noteworthy story he told was not funny, but moreso amazing, as he informed the crowd of his winning a contest and having his song, “Nobody,” featured on Spike Lee’s upcoming Netflix series, She’s Gotta Have It (episode five, to be exact).

To end the show, Jack Freeman and his band performed a series of H-Town classic rap songs, slowed down – but not in the usual way we slow songs down here in the H. Freeman sang all the songs, giving the feel of R&B hits or gospel ballads, inspiring a series of tweets about how we need an album of soulful “soufside” songs from him and the band.

After last night’s show, I don’t need any more convincing to follow Jack Freeman’s music, but that album sure wouldn’t hurt.

Couples feeling the vibes as Jack Freeman sang some mood music.

Couples feeling the vibes as Jack Freeman sang some mood music.