nique hsatb cover

For the hell of it, Nique shares a brand new playlist, HSATB.

Nique’s current social media campaign has been all about viral videos. Flashy, high quality, creative videos with nary a special effect in sight. There’s the shirtless king surrounded by his peers feel of “40”, the MTV Cribs salute of “High Rise” and even the gritty, “Homicide In The Mourning”. They’re all signs that even if Nique’s high spirited brand of raps are good, the look and zest behind them are even better.

Well, putting on a face is a Nique specialty. Every now and then he’ll allow fans a peek behind the curtain. In a string of tweets yesterday, he canvased the last two years of his life from dropping out of Howard and losing his way to losing his brother and finding himself in a psych ward. None of that matters to him though. He’ll carry the sword but isn’t defined by it. Whatever he does to cope is akin to whatever you and I do to get out of a shitty situation and feeling. Whatever works.

HSATB is a playlist. Not an EP, not a collection of records you need endure to find the perfect one and ignore the rest. It’s a playlist. Plus, we’re riding with “Sunnyside Zoo” off top. Nique’s clever brand of wordplay and tongue-twisters can win anyone over but on HSATB, he puts on for Sunnyside in a glorious way. Stream the playlist below and watch the lyric video for “Hold Something” while you’re at it.