t.y.e eternity

T.Y.E returns to where his dark days started in the brand new “Eternity” video.

Abilene Christian University means something to T.Y.E. Read any lengthy article on him whether it be on this very website or others and the small college will come up. Its connection to the Oak Cliff rapper is a rather linear one. T.Y.E went to ACU on an opera singing scholarship. The change of scenery and culture shock helped him understand something that he had been battling forever – bipolar disorder.

“Eternity,” the latest video from T.Y.E’s upcoming 32 album returns to Abilene Christian University, if only T.Y.E had finished school rather than take up rap full-time. Dealing with choices and their relative consequence, the track is also a departure from the moody grind or spastic trap the POW Recordings signee has stamped out over the past year and some change. He juxtaposes living a June baby mentality with the effect of the actions: “Gemini n*gga, I need two houses / I need two couches / f*ck it, I need two spouses…”

The “Eternity” video ends with a small intro clip for “Eddie Murphy” in which T.Y.E and Piersall Jr. re-enact the famous start to Murphy’s seminal Delirious film, red leather suit & all.

“This is me on my way back to Abilene Christian University for my senior recital with my voice teacher Paul Richardson Piersall Jr. conducting me. If only I had finished school,” T.Y.E. told The FADER who premiered the video. “‘Eternity” is a song about the choices we make to pursue happiness, the people we meet on our journey, and the gradual realization that life is actually heaven — unless the Devil corrupts your perspective. The sample is one of the last songs I sang with ACU A Capella Choir.”