The biggest single of Future’s career in “Mask Off” gets an equally big video to match.

“Mask Off” is Future’s biggest single. Bigger than “Commas”, “March Madness” and “Turn On The Lights”. Meme challenges, a giant appreciation of flutes and more, the single cracked the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 5. After some teases of the video on late Tuesday, the full Colin Tilley spectacle has been revealed and it is nothing short of glorious anarchy.

Let’s list off the ways the “Mask Off” video is great, shall we?

Amber Rose Rides Passenger: I can’t think of a better sidekick to joy ride through mayhem, riots, shootouts and more than a woman whose own ambiguity makes you ponder more than a few things.

DJ Esco Shows Up: “Where Ya At?” from Future’s DS2 has plenty of memorable GIF worthy moments. However, none top the “50 for a walk through” bird walk orchestrated by Esco. Here, he’s bandana clad amongst plenty of smiley faced individuals ready to bring it to the status quo.

Future, Part Menace, Part Voice of the People: Standing on top of a burning building is like the fourth thing in a superhero rule book, falling well behind walking away from an explosion in slow motion. Future’s still a deviant in some ways, smacking Rose on the ass as they ride through all this carnage but here’s the hero we need in these times.

Pulling off a mask of your face to reveal your actual face is some John Woo type shit. Tilley matched the vibe of the track with dark colors and characters abound. Shootouts pop loudly; a scantily clad woman in body paint is more of a siren than key plot device. Even the key figure of the entire song, that masterful flute riff makes an appearance. “Mask Off,” may not be the greatest Future song. Though it could easily be argued: “Mask Off” may be the best Future video.