For their debut music video, R&B trio Sonder depicts the journey of a boy into a man in the countryside in “Too Fast.”

There IS a difference between a music video and a visual. Emerging R&B trio Sonder, appear to know exactly what that difference looks like.

Having dropped off a trio of EPs to introduce themselves last year and then releasing their Into project at the top of 2017, Sonder shared their debut music video for their smooth cut “Too Fast” on VEVO today.

“Too Fast,” the song deals with the urgency of the moment when your feelings take over. For “Too Fast’s” video, however, everything crawls along slowly, engulfing the viewer in every part of it.

Director Noah Lee opted against the conventional – and few things defy convention more than an opening shot of a young boy washed ashore on a beach, holding his own heart in his palm. There are still other affecting sights throughout the video’s five-and-a-half minute runlength, from the way the colors stand out to lead vocalist Brent Faiyaz (the “grown” version of the boy) walking through a field alone as sheep run in the background. But two things are for certain: Sonder’s video is proof positive that there really IS “no such thing as too fast”; and two, that the images will linger with the viewer long after the screen turns black.

Watch Sonder’s “Too Fast” video for yourself up top. “Too Fast” appears on Sonder’s Into EP, which you can stream down below in case you missed it.