organized noize ep

Two decades in the making, Organized Noize step to the center for their self-titled EP.

Last year’s The Art of Organized Noize documentary shed a light on something The South and plenty of Dungeon Family fans knew: Organized Noize is cold as hell. The Atlanta trio of Ray Murray, Rico Wade & Sleepy Brown are responsible for not only the first three OutKast albums but also TLC’s “Waterfalls”, a record that would ensure that ONP would be set for life. Regardless of that and their extensive production deal with Interscope, no project had arrived from them. Not an EP, not an album, nothing. Despite countless gems and working with Big Boi on a few recent singles, ONP hadn’t delivered upon something with their own name front and center.

Until now.

The trio’s self-titled EP arrives as a full blown Dungeon Family affair. Big Boi & CeeLo appear on “We The Ones” with the DF’s resident voice of reason, Big Rube running the anchor. The only non-DF member to make an appearance here? 2 Chainz who teams with Joi for a track he’s more than familiar with, “Kush”. The 7-track EP puts you right back in the dank world of the Dungeon, long before other Atlanta super producers took the mantle. The world belonged to Organized Noize Productions. Their self-titled EP is a small reminder of their power.

Purchase the EP on iTunes and stream it below via Spotify.

01. “Anybody Out There” feat. Joi & Scar
02. “We The Ones” feat. Big Boi, CeeLo Green, Sleepy Brown & Big Rube
03. “Chemtrails” feat. Jimmy Brown & Sleepy Brown
04. “Why Can’t We” feat. Sleepy Brown
05. “Kush” feat. 2 Chainz & Joi
06. “Awesome Lovin” feat. Sleepy Brown
07. “The Art Of Organized Noize”