wolfe de mçhls untitled 006

Wolfe de Mçhls creates more mood music for the hometown.

True to his nature, Wolfe de Mçhls creates when the world around him seems pitch black. Drug refeernces, steely drums and small hints at tribalism all mark his creations from this perspective. The alternatives aren’t really that different. “Wedding Balloons (Come Home Again)” began with a bit of warmth and melancholy joy strapped to it. “Untitled 006”, the latest from Wolfe De Mçhls builds in a similar warm fashion before spacing out and attaching itself to snare drums and lyrics celebrating low nights and varied highs. The best Wolfe is one that strafes between the line of modern, hazy R&B and psychadelics. It’s wonderful, it’s neat and more often than not, it’s exciting.

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