larce blake why i can't sleep

Larce Blake takes dreaming to a different level with Why I Can’t Sleep.

The finale of Why I Can’t Sleep, Larce Blake’s four-song suite dressed up as a sophomore EP is a bridge of everything he’s known for. Though he’s no longer the 14-year-old uploading music to Soundcloud hoping someone would listen, he’s polished in light atmospherics ripe for Soulection mixes and hazy nights in Deep Ellum and beyond. “Good Idea” begins with piano stabs and bubbling notes beyond it. Then a humming, joyous keyboard melody kicks in with enough thump and vibrance to get you moving. It’s not long before your eyes close and you find yourself in a different moment; a serene sway through your idea of euphoria. Blake then ties all of it together with a classic Big Tuck vocal sample from “I Know U Want That”.

“Big Tuck’s up in here, get bucks up in here, get stones VVS clear,” the DSR and “Southside Da Realist” rapper raps. Congrats, you’re embracing summertime in the Triple D.

Why I Can’t Sleep appeals to two crowds. One, the insomniacs who can shave off hours of their days and nights listening to Soundcloud mixes and two, Blake’s building fanbase through IRAS. “Bless You” and “Tuesday Evening” offer different slices of Larce Blake’s mindset. Well, that could be said for the entirety of Why I Can’t Sleep. After crafting records for Devy Stonez and the rest of the crew, Blake knows what works. He can drift into a plodding peak of overthinking and he can loosen up to chase a certain high. Right now? His mind is on summer in Dallas. Warm, sticky, constantly evolving summers back home.

Stream Why I Can’t Sleep below via Soundcloud now and purchase the EP on iTunes.

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