dj michael watts boiler room

The two founders of Swishahouse (DJ Michael Watts, OG Ron C) host a tribute to the era with their Boiler Room TV set.

Houston’s beginning to craft shrines and museums to its yesteryear of hip-hop. The ’90s and early ’00s have been immortalized with displays inside Rice University and the University of Houston. Yet, it’s unsure whether or not the glory days truly ended. The platform DJ Screw created in the early 1990s has now exploded to a global phenomenon that has cosigns from the world’s biggest rapper (Drake) and Hollywood (Barry Jenkins being a Screw disciple). Houston culture is eternal, currently enjoying a two-decade splash over the globe. Last week’s Boiler Room TV event proved its staying power.

Sure, a few attendees could have hoped for more inclusion from the newer, younger crop of Houston rappers. But Boiler Room, OG Ron C & DJ Michael Watts played up to the days of past. So did guests Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Bun B & Mike Jones (yes, Mike Jones!) The Boiler Room gave way to that viral photo of Z-Ro flashing a hell of a grin and a crowded room reliving the glory days. Sometimes, you shut your brain off to think about what if and cherish the what now.