Houston producer Yung Knight returns to the music with a new quickstrike EP, #3Strikes.

Growth. It’s the other attribute, alongside consistency, that lets you measure if a given artist has staying power. Yung Knight is pretty damn consistent. In addition to popping up on other Houston artists’ projects in the liner notes, the Houston producer is aiming to add “rapper” to his repertoire as well. Case in point? His #Eleven11 mixtape, released last fall, which allowed himself to showcase his skills both on the boards and on the mic.

In 2017, Yung Knight is trying to grow. And his latest EP, a 3-track effort entitled #3Strikes, aims to put that evolution on wax. Each track has its own distinctive beat: intro cut “Wild West” has Knight dipping into trap, for example, while “Repent” sounds instrumentally like a cousin of “Flexin’ On My Exes.” The subject matter is similar between some songs (commentary on fake friends and betrayal pops on nearly all three), but each track demonstrates a different mood for the rapper-producer.

“Wild West” is triumphant, with Knight proclaiming on the hook, “We about to boss up on em!” in spite of the obstacles thrown at him. The deep cut “Repent” has Knight reflecting and remaining hopefully while also biting back at haters (“I been through the rain, had my fair share of pain/ I was on my ass, had nobody else to blame,” he raps at one point). But “Voicemail” may have the most single potential: the four-minute track merges a catchy sing-songy hook and quotables aplenty (“My city on my back, and now the devil on my shoulder”) with a keys-driven, body-rocking beat.

Stream Yung Knight’s #3Strikes EP for yourself down below. Though this is the rapper-producer’s first release of 2017, don’t expect it to be his only.