T.Y.E Harris & Dance Dailey’s “No More” video is akin to real-life and Twitter becoming one and the same.

T.Y.E Harris & Dance Dailey tend to make miracles out of the mundane. There was the spacious and out-there vibes of “La La Land”, Dallas’ best rap track in 2016. There was the black and white noir of “Unusual” where T.Y.E balances responsibilities of a good man with that of a wicked one. For “No More,” T.Y.E and Dance Dailey put our protagonist on the streets of Dallas with a “I Rap 4 $$” sign and his Twitter handle on the back.

What results is magic, of course. Clad in a Michael Irvin jersey (look at the “Kokaine” call back!), our hero carries the sign wherever he goes, identifying himself as someone with a dream. Of course, the operatic voice of his leads to a bit of a discussion. A) why is an opera singer begging for money; and B) why is said opera singer getting $100 before ripping off into a nasty double-time flow about hitting licks? I swear the TR-32: Empty The Clip rapper offers up slices of the best and worst of us. Too broke to have religion, too broke to pay a bill. It’s common belief that the moment you get that low, there’s no turning back. Hence why taking other people’s gains and earnings seems like the most positive outcome. Or in T.Y.E’s case, the lone outcome is whatever leads to a benefit of temporary happiness.

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