OVO Sound duo Majid Jordan return with a new alt-R&B single, “Phases.”

“Thought I was ready – I wasn’t ready!”

Count on Majid Jordan to give you something to groove to in the club. The duo of Jordan Ullman and Majid Al-Maskati dropped off their self-titled debut LP in 2016; and though the album itself didn’t quite take off as well as its singles “Every Step Every Way” and “Learn From Each Other,” Majid Jordan still ended up being nominated for a Grammy (by way of their co-producing “For Free” alongside Nineteen85).

There are many stages to life and people don’t always adjust to them well. On “Phases,” their first single of 2017, Majid Jordan address this very feeling of trying to adapt or at least keep up with the changes around them. “I keep going through different phases, I keep going to different places,” the duo sing on the track’s hook. The song isn’t so much bleak as it is about learning for yourself, how best to navigate everything that happens around you. It’s easier to keep going when the music’s catchy enough to make you dance through the uncertainty, and “Phases” achieves exactly that.

But the coolest thing about “Phases” may be how the track ITSELF “goes through” different phases. The song starts out acapella before dipping into the duo’s signature EDM sound at the 1:12 mark and then adds a warping effect to the instrumentation at the 2:00 mark.

Stream Majid Jordan’s “Phases” single down below and grab it now off iTunes.