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If you are reading this article, chances are, you are into hip-hop culture, specifically the element of rap. Also, you probably know that hip-hop and fashion go hand in hand. For most artists, fashion is important to present a certain kind of image to the audience to them, but very few artists can execute said image in such a profound way, that it transcends the visual.

I would like to share with you a long-time theory that I have had about Kanye: when you want to know what he is going to wear, just look at his album cover.

The College Dropout (2004)

Let’s look at Kanye’s first album cover, The College Dropout, from 2004. Consider the colors: maroon, brown, blue denim, and antique gold. Many of the brands that Kanye wore around this time used these colors extensively: Polo/Ralph Lauren, A Bathing Ape / BAPE, etc. Let’s look at some of his clothing choices from that time period:

The Dropout Bear is both prominent in the art on the cover and in the RL/Polo crewneck. The antique gold color is represented by the Roc-A-Fella chain and the Jesus chain.

Late Registration (2005)

Again, the Dropout Bear is the centerpiece of Mr. West’s cover art. Take a look at the following pics of Kanye from this era of cardigans and leather from various brands, such as Ralph Lauren/Polo, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Graduation (2007)

The final project in the “Graduation” trilogy, named Graduation, is the most colorful Kanye West album cover. Designed by Takashi Murakami, the fashion of this era is the most exciting and bold, due to the colorful choices that were made. Do you all remember Ye’s first brand, PASTELLE? Observe the following pictures:

808’s & Heartbreak (2008)

Probably the starkest costuming choice of Kanye’s career, he only wore one thing: a gray Dolce & Gabbana tweed suit with a Marc Jacobs broken heart pin. A foreshadowing of the monochromatic future to come, in his following albums.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

This era of Kanye’s wardrobe was my favorite: everything was big, bold, and extravagant! Red suits, fat gold Gucci chains, with Horus the hawk god pendants. The personification of power in a singular image:


Watch The Throne (2011)

This era of Kanye was the most daring of his dress choices. This is the era of both leather sweats by En Noir, and leather kilts by Givenchy. Not to mention custom made tour shirts and other pieces by Givenchy, under the leadership of recently resigned Riccardo Tisci. Let’s take a look:


Yeezus (2013)

This is the beginning of the current era that we are in with Kanye: the monochromatic period. Black, white, tan, olive green, red are the only colors that he is wearing. The red stripe is an allusion to both the “Red Octobers” from Nike & the Red Stripe on the Adidas stripe.

The Life Of Pablo (2016)

Kanye’s modern stage of evolution. He is rocking not just his collaboration with Adidas, but also with his own brand, Yeezy Season. I personally do not care for his clothing, but I like his shoes, for real. Lots of printed shirts with cool fonts.

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